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Antigonish Photo Gallery

Antigonish has been my home since 1997 when I arrived here to attend St. Francis Xavier University from Gander Newfoundland. The charm of this community was immediately evident in the stream that runs right through the quaint downtown area and extends to all corners of this fare county.


Steeped in a rich history dating back to the late 1800's the buildings, tree's, monuments, hills and streets offer up an endless array of subject matter. The seasons in this area further compliment Antigonish by offering fresh perspectives as the year rolls on.


My Antigonish photo gallery is a testament to my love and it provides in images where words fall short. If you would like to get a canvas, a photo print (click to view pricing), or even a digital copy of any of these photos please contact me and I am sure we can come to a successful arrangement. The proper titles and descriptions for these photos can be found via my Facebook Page. It will be a bit of a hunt as I have thousands of images posted there, but when you do find the gems I promise they will shine. 

If you are interested in Antigonish stock photos for your advertising campaign or other promotions don't hesitate to reach me directly at 1-902-318-3335.

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